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Jesse James was a lad,
he killed many a man,
he robbed the Glendale train;
he took from the rich and he gave to the poor,
he'd a hand and a heart and a brain.

Oh Jesse had a wife
to mourn for his life,
three children, they were brave;
but that dirty little coward that shot Mister Howard
has laid poor Jesse in his grave.

It was on Wednesday night,
the moon was shining bright,
they robbed the Glendale train.
The people they did say for many miles away,
it was robbed by Frank and Jesse James.


It was on Saturday night,
Jesse was at home,
talking to his family brave,
Robert Ford came along like a thief in the night
and laid poor Jesse in his grave.


All the people held their breath,
when they heard of Jesses's death,
and wondered how he ever came to die.
It was one of his own gang, called little Robert Ford,
he shot poor Jesse on the sly.


Oh, Jesse was a man,
a friend of the poor
he'd never rob a mother or a child;
he took from the rich and he gave to the poor
so they shot Jesse James on the sly.


This song was made by Billy Gashade,
as soon as the news did arrive;
he said there was no man with the law in his hand,
who could take Jesse James when alive.

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