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'Twas in the merry month of May,
when green buds all were swellin',
sweet William on his death bed lay
for the love of Barbara Allen.

He sent his servant to the town,
to the place where she was dwellin',
saying, "You must come to my master dear,
if your name be Barb'ry Allen."

So, slowly, slowly she got up,
and slowly she drew nigh him,
and the only words to him did say,
"Young man, I think you're dyin'."

He turned his face unto the wall,
and death was in him wellin',
"Good-bye, good-bye to my friends all,
be good to Barb'ry Allen."

When he was dead and laid in grave,
she heard the death bells kneelin',
and every stroke to her did say:
"Hard-hearted Barb'ry Allen."

"Oh mother, oh mother, go dig my grave,
make it both long and narrow;
sweet William died of love for me,
and I will die of sorrow."

"And father, oh father, go dig my grave,
make it both long and narrow;
sweet William died on yesterday,
and I will die tomorrow."

Barb'ry Allen was buried in the old church-yard,
sweet William was buried beside her;
out of sweet William's heart there grew a rose,
out of Barb'ry Allen's, a briar.

They grew and grew in the old chuch-yard,
'til they could grow no higher;
at the end they formed a true lovers' knot,
and the rose grew 'round the briar.

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