Riddles - Englische Rätsel Fragen & Antworten

Riddles - Englische Rätsel Fragen & Antworten

Riddle 1
Which has more legs, a cow or no cow?

Answer: No cow; a cow has four legs, but no cow has eight legs.


Riddle 2
Where are kings usually crowned?

Answer: On the head.


Riddle 3
Three large women went walking under one umbrella, but none of them got wet. Why?

Answer: It wasn’t raining.


Riddle 4
Why does a cow go over a hill?

Answer: Because she can’t go under it.


Riddle 5
Is it safe to write a letter on an empty stomach?

Answer: It is safe enough, but it is better to write the letter on paper.


Riddle 6
Why did Adam bite the apple that Eve gave to him?

Answer: Because he had no knife.


Riddle 7
What does a hen do when she stands on one foot?

Answer: Lift up the other.


Riddle 8
What has five eyes, but cannot see?

Answer: The Mississippi River.


Riddle 9
What is that by losing an eye nothing left but a nose?

Answer: The word NOISE


Riddle 10
What is that you brake when you name it?

Answer: Silence


Riddle 11
Who was the fastest runner in the bible?

Answer: Adam, he was first in the human race.


Riddle 12
What kind of an umbrella does the President’s wife carry on a rainy day?

Answer: A wet one.


Riddle 13
What is the best way to keep fish from smelling?

Answer: Cut off their noses.


Riddle 14
What ship is always managed by more than one person?

Answer: Partnership.


Riddle 15
Why do white sheep eat so much more than black ones?

Answer: Because there are so many more of them.


Riddle 16
What’s the difference between a lemon and a white elephant?

Answer: A lemon is yellow.


Riddle 17
Who are the largest two ladies in the United States?

Answer: Miss Ouri and Mrs. Sippi.


Riddle 18
Two Indians are standing on a hill, and one is the father of the other’s son? What relation are the two Indians to each other?

Answer: Husband and wife.


Riddle 19
As long as I eat, I live; but when I drink, I die.

Answer: Fire.


Riddle 20
What were the Chicago gangster’s last words?

Answer: Who put this violin in my violin case?


Riddle 21
What is always coming but never arrives?

Answer: The highway.


Riddle 22
What is worse than finding a worm in apple?

Answer: Finding half a worm.


Riddle 23
Why has the giraffe such a long neck?

Answer: because his head is so far from his body.


Riddle 24
A man was locked in a room which had nothing in except a piano.
How did he get out?

Answer: He played the piano until he found the right key.


Riddle 25
How long will an eight-day clock run without winding?

Answer: It won’t run at all without winding?


Riddle 26
Which moves faster, heat or cold?

Answer: Heat, for you can catch cold.


Riddle 27
What comes with an auto, is of no use to an auto, and yet the auto cannot run without it?

Answer: Noise.


Riddle 28
What is found in the middle of both America and Australia?

Answer: The letter R.


Riddle 29
I have five noses, six mouths and seven ears. What am I?

Answer: Quite ugly.


Riddle 30
What makes a road broad?

Answer: The letter B.


Riddle 31
Why can we send no more dispatches to Washington?

Answer: Because he is dead.


Riddle 32
Have you ever heard of a baby raised on elephant’s milk?

Answer: Yes, a baby elephant.


Riddle 33
Who is bigger, Mrs. Bigger or her baby?

Answer: The baby is a little Bigger.


Riddle 34
Where can you always find sympathy?

Answer: In the dictionary.


Riddle 35
What is the hardest thing about learning to ride a bicycle?

Answer: The pavement.


Riddle 36
What is that was given to you, belongs to you exclusively, and yet is used more by your friends than by yourself?

Answer: Your name.


Riddle 37
What is full of holes and yet holds water?

Answer: A sponge.


Riddle 38
What can be right but never wrong?

Answer: An angle.


Riddle 39
What would happen to a man if he swallowed his teaspoon?

Answer: He wouldn’t be able to stir.


Riddle 40
What can be broken without being hit or dropped?

Answer: A promise.


Riddle 41
What time is it when an elephant sits on a fence?

Answer: Time to get a new one.


Riddle 42
What’s the definition of minimum?

Answer: A very small mother.

Riddle 43
How can a man fall off a fifty-foot ladder and not be hurt?

Answer: By falling off the bottom rung.


Riddle 44
What has four legs and flies in the air?

Answer: Two birds.


Riddle 45
What always ends everything?

Answer: The letter G.


Riddle 46
What runs around town all day and lies under the bed at night with its tongue hanging out?

 Answer: A shoe.


Riddle 47
What ends with E, begins with P, and has a thousand letters?

Answer: Postoffice.


Riddle 48
Which two letters of the alphabet have nothing between them?

Answer: N and P; they have O between them.


Riddle 49
Where does Friday come before Thursday?

Answer: In the dictionary.


Riddle 50
When was B the first letter of the alphabet?

Answer: In the days of No-A.


Riddle 51
Tommy Tucker took two strings and tied two turtles to two tall trees. How many T’s are in that?

Answer: There are two T’s in that.


Riddle 52
What starts with T, ends with T, and is full of Tea?

Answer: Teapot.


Riddle 53
What do you call an elephant that flies?

Answer: A jumbo jet.


Riddle 54
What is it that one needs most in the long run?

Answer: His breath.


Riddle 55
What do you give an elephant with big feet?

Answer: Plenty of room.


Riddle 56
What would you do if you swallowed a light bulb?

Answer: Use a candle.


Riddle 57
Luke had it first, Paul had it last; boys never have it, girls have it but once; Miss Sullivan had it twice in the same place, but when she married Pat Murphy she never had it again.

Answer: The letter L.


Riddle 58
What’s the difference between a biscuit and an elephant?

Answer: You can’t dip an elephant into your tea.


Riddle 59
How do you get an elephant into a matchbox?

Answer: Take all the matches out first.


Riddle 60
What did the big chimney say to the little chimney?

Answer: You’re too young to smoke.


Riddle 61
How can you tell if there’s an elephant in the refrigerator?

Answer: You can’t shut the door.


Riddle 62
When do elephants have eight feet?

Answer: When there are two of them.


Riddle 63
What do you call a play that’s acted by ghosts?

Answer: A phantomime.


Riddle 64
What did the barman say when the ghost asked for a drink?

Answer: ‘We don’t serve spirits.’


Riddle 65
What do you call a wicked old woman who lives by the sea?

Answer: A sandwich.


Riddle 66
Why does a witch ride on a broom?

Answer: A vacuum cleaner is too heavy.


Riddle 66
What’ a vampire’s favourite tourist spot?

Answer: The Vampire State Building.


Riddle 67
What do seamonsters eat?

Answer: Fish and ships.


Riddle 68
What did the boy octopus say to the girl octopus?

Answer: I want to hold your hand hand hand hand hand hand hand hand.


Riddle 69
Why do people go to bed?

Answer: Because the bed won’t come to them.


Riddle 70
Who invented the five day week?

Answer: Robinson Crusoe. He had all his work done by Friday.


Riddle 71
What’s yellow and black with red spots?

Answer: A leopard with measles.


Riddle 72
What’s the longest word in the dictionary?

Answer: ‘Smile’, because it has a mile between the first and the last letters.


Riddle 73
What’s the difference between a dog and a flea?

Answer: The dog can have a flea, but the flea can’t have a dog.


Riddle 74
When is it bad luck to have black cat follow you?

Answer: When you are a mouse.


Riddle 75
What can you put in the fridge that will stay hot?

Answer: Mustard.


Riddle 76
Should you stir your tea with your left hand or right?

Answer: Neither. You should stir it with a spoon.


Riddle 77
What’s black and white and noisy?

Answer: A zebra with a set of drums.


Riddle 78
Why will television never take the place of newspaper?

Answer: Have you ever tried swatting a fly with a television?


Riddle 80
If a man is born in Turkey, grows up in Italy, comes to America and dies in Chicago, what is he?

Answer: Dead.


Riddle 81
What are the best steps to take when you meet an escaped lion?

Answer: Very long ones.


Riddle 82
What did the skunk say when the wind changed direction?

Answer: ‘Ah, it’s all coming back to me now.’


Riddle 83
What is a bird after he is four days old?

Answer: Five days old.


Riddle 84
On which side does a chicken have most feathers?

Answer: On the outside.


Riddle 85
What is always coming but never arrives?

Answer: Tomorrow.


Riddle 86
What grows bigger the more you take from it?

Answer: A hole.


Riddle 87
What can fall on water without of getting wet?

Answer: A shadow.


Riddle 88
What always goes to bed with his shoes on?

Answer: A horse.


Riddle 89
What’s yellow on the inside and green on the outside?

Answer: A banana disguised as a cucumber.


Riddle 90
What did you get when you cross a carrier pigeon with a woodpecker?

Answer: A bird who knocks before he delivers his message.


Riddle 91
Why do birds fly to south in winter?

Answer: Because it’s to far to walk.


Riddle 92
What is a complete waste of time?

 Answer: Telling a bald man hair-raising stories.


Riddle 93
How should you dress on a cold day?

Answer: Quickly.


Riddle 94
What’s the best way to keep water out of the house?

Answer: Don’t pay the water rates.


Riddle 95
What is the reddest side of an apple?

Answer: The outside.


Riddle 96
Ask a question that cannot be answered „Yes".

Answer: „Are you asleep?"


Riddle 97
How can you tell which end of a worm is his head?

Answer: Tickle his middle and see which end smiles.


Riddle 98
What does everyone have that can always count on?

Answer: His fingers.


Riddle 99
Why is this riddle the last?

Answer: Because there’s none after it.